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I was a manager for SmartStyle for 3 years. I worked very hard and couldn't have been more dedicated.

I even spent the night in a store durring a snow storm so I could open it the next day. My efforts were not appreciated.

When I first came to their store the monthly income was $13,000. When I left it was over $30,000 a month.

I caught an employee stealing and reported her. She did not get in trouble but I did! Her and another employee decided to try and get me fired. I feel it was a conspericy from my supervisor who did not like me at all.

These people told lie after lie about me and even wrote me up for my religion! I was not happy to say the least! When I decided it was in my best intrest to leave, I was told if I took my client info cards with me the police would be called on me and I would be charged with theft! Now they will not tell my clients where I am working now and being just horribe to me.

Do NOT work for this company!

They will *** over if you have a mind of your own!

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I have two complaints 1. I try to make it easy for someone new doing my hair for the first time.

I wash and style my hair so they can see how I wear it. I also let them know I will cut my bangs. So my first question is what don't you understand when someone says I only want a trim 1/4" or less leave the bangs alone I will do them. I now have hair maybe an 1" long on the top and 1/4 on the sides, all because she felt that she needed to even it out.

When I told her she was making me nervous and taking too much off she turned me so I could not see what she was doing, when I got upset she turned me back and said she was done cutting, but still kept trimming so I again complained, now she was done.

2. Now saying that, she could have done a better job if she had been focusing on my hair and not what was happening with the other stylists. At one point she leaned over and said, "they taking smack about me again and I am tired of it”. Okay, I really just want you to get done with my hair so I can get our of here.

I don’t care about your office politics. This whole thing about them talking about her went on so long I finally felt like all I could hear was, "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, now I am going to a wedding next Saturday with a butch cut and I will never go back there. Now you might ask why I did not say something sooner….

I am one of those people who avoid confrontation at all cost. Wimp maybe, but no one should have to deal with that anyway.


to Roberta #646043

I am totally with you! I got my hair cut there 2 times.

Both times I asked for just a trim as I like my hair long. I said 1 inch at most. I had waist length hair and when she was done with it and it was dried it was at my shoulders! I Too expressed concern that she was taking too much off.

But she insisted she knew what she was doing. Then when it was dry she said and I quote " I had no idea curly hair was that much shorter dry!'' I dealt with it hair grows and right? The second time I went was at the urging of a friend who wanted me to give the smart style another chance. This time I need it evened out some.

I figured 2inches would be good. And asked them to even it out. When she grabbed the thinning shears I asked her what she was doing those. I know for a fact Thinning out my hair does not work.

I end up with a frizzy tangles mess. The lady told me that was just the way they did it.

To top it off they tried to charge me double the normal hair cut price because of my long hair..... wtf?

to Curlyhead Dallas, Texas, United States #927123

She was not much of a stylist,I'm a male stylist and i know that curly hair draws up when it dries.I also used to work for smart style and wasn't the most pleasant place to work.The only good thing i got of smart style was the will to go into business for .

to Roberta #1133671

Master Cuts charges what? ...

$14 . I get more for a tip. Seriously, I been doing hair for more year than I care to asmitt. You get what you pay for.

Don't think your going to get the kind of service I do my clients. Don't accept Royal treatment at a chop shop.

to Anonymous #1550629

This is what i HATE about our industry. Dont you DARE tell people that because your cuts are more expensive that you do any better than i do because i manage a smart style salon!!

Ive charged 50 bucks foe a cut down to 8!!! Im a damn good stylist and i am disgusted at what i just read.


What people have to realize is that first, it is a business, many, many hair salons charge to do minor things...shoot i remember nearly jumping out of my seat 10 years ago when the stylist told me it was $5 to clip my ends...I was already paying $45 for another service..and this was not at a major chain....the stylists could not charge for things if they choose, it helps build a repoire(sic) with the clients...the reality is that it is up to the manager of that particular store..If you have a manager that is nit picky, then you will probably get charge for walking through the door...so don't jump on Regis as a whole because they are doing what businesses do...you just had the unfortunate mishap of ending up in a location where they cared more about the bottom line and not the client's pocketbook....believe me they are not all like that. :)

to VoiceofReason Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #636034

By clip your ends you mean a hair cut. Yes, that is 15.95.

I am sure your cheep a$$ wont bother to tip.

Feel free to move on down the road. :roll

to VoiceofReason #646045

Most salons charge full price even if you just want t 1/4 inch off. I've had so many rotten experiences at salons I have been cutting my own hair for years.

Most of my complaints will be that the stylist flat out didn't listen even when I tried to tell her that I didn't like where she was going. But you know usually at that point its too late. Once they do something like cut 5 inches off a couple strands... you might as well let it go..

I am thinking to get long layers again..

and plan to ask for a consult first. Some places don't do this but I did find one in my town that is willing to.

to curlyhead #1550631

You do realize cutting 1/4 i. Off your hair is JUST as hard or time consuming as cutting 4 inches off, right?? No, you probably dont...because youre not a stylist.


Ok my wife works for Smart Style and her boss is a #####. What kind of person can have a client come in tell thim that they want a $15 cut and knowing wahes their hair drys it styels it and then charges the person $35 or more to leave.

Every little thing they do they charge for without telling the custermer about the price differnce.

To make things worse my wife can make it look just as good without all the extra and they want to jump her but for not running up the bill on these people. Regis needs to get off there buts and see whats going on in there salons because one they loose a lot of customers because of this and two there going to come across the wrong people and end up out of poket for what there doing.

to Scam #646048

Smart Style is not the only salon that does that. When I was 10 my step mom dropped me at the salon and ran next door.

They stylist started my hair but then told me she was going to have to wet my hair down at the sink. I didn't know so I followed orders. Then they charges my step mom and extra 10 bucks for a hair wash... she was supper pissed at me!

I should have said no. :( oeze


I went to Wal-Mart to buy Crew styling gel. I went to the health and beauty section of Wal-Mart and they didn't have the light hold gel that I use.

I then went to Smartstyle in the same wal-mart and they had the gel I was looking foe. But it was $2 more that what was on the store shelf. When I asked the stylist about the price difference she told me that Wal-Mart sold Black Market stuff that was really not the same. I felt that she was lying to me and decided to pay the extra $2 so I wouldn't have to go to Target to get it.

She rang me up and the product rang up 90 cents more than what was on the price tage. When I pointed that out to her she told me she couldn't do a refund. I insisted that she do it and she finally gave me my 90 cents back. I am waiting for American Crew to call me back and I also have a call to Wal-Mart asking them why they sell Black Market hair care products.

My next call is to Smartstyle or Regis corporate to ask them about this transaction. I am also thinking about calling he States Attorney.

to Dale Paris, Texas, United States #592981

OK..what the stylist was referring to was diversion, which IS illegal. What happens is this: people in groups go into salons and buy massive amounts of retail, most of the time it's combo packs...then they take all the packaging off and price them for individual sale.

At this point it usually goes into a warehouse until it is sold. When you, the consumer buy these products at unlicensed retailers you have no way of knowing how old the product is and there is no way it can be guaranteed.

Now the stylist that helped you could have explained this better and she should have seen that the product had rung up incorrectly and just taken it off...I would have. Hope this clears up your confusion and I do hope you return to Smartstyle for your hair needs.

to Dale #620104

First off, Walmart and smart style are not part of the same company. 2# almost all products are not guaranteed unless sold in a salon.3# they prob haven't been doing their price changes so if it rang up wrong.

Tell them. It should not be a problem to charge you for what it says on the sticker.

to Anonymous #1005936

they seem to be merging and Regis is bullying their stylists if they refuse to go and work at WalMart. Shady?

to Dale Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #636033

Your an ***!

to Dale Miles City, Montana, United States #984703

My god!! Are you serious?

Diversion is real. Look it up. Black market... gray market...

it's product that that has been tampered with and most likely outdated. But please call that state attorney... I promise you won't win.

There are scientists on our side PROVING these facts... but thank you for wanting to spend our tax dollars to pay for a state attorney

to Dale #1211896

omghsss come on ,, are u going to make a big deal cuz 90 cents ,?

that is hilarious .

do u know how its product cost in other hair private salons?

$10 extras .

and u crying cuz 90 cents .

to Dale #1412070

There is taxes on hair product..


just had my hair cut in Spokane, advertised price was $15.95, but the store charges $5more. No shampoo, no styling, just a trim. Complaints fell on deaf ears

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