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I went to smart style where i recieved a heavy foil. When it was over I had lines all through my hair so I paid and made an appointment to come back the next day and have it fixed.

I came back the next day and the girl tryed to fix it but said she didnt know how.....? This was after she fryed my hair. Now I cant get any more process done to fix it and smartsyle is going to refund what I paid for the service, but i'm having a problem getting any punitive damages out of them. I have to live with this hair for 6 months before anything can be done...

with lines all over it, and its fryed up! Someone in management is suppose to call me back soon, and im mailing in pictures and other salon opinions. If I cant handle it through them im gonna take it straight to court!

And believe me I really dont want to.... I just want to be compensated for this pain.

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you realize there is probably a reason that your hair is most likely had done a home job on your previous color and lied to your stylist. Professional color and boxed store *** are NOT COMPATIBLE!

So be honest with your stylist, and she'll honestly tell you she can't touch your effed up hair.

LOL! :cry

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