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My daughter has worked for this corrupted corporation for 3 yrs. She is a "top-notch" stylist/single mom who works her *** off in everything she does!

When she started there, she had every-other Sunday "off". Then they fired their manager & she was the interim manager for several months. (with NO compensation whatsoever, unless you count longer hrs. & NO FAMILY TIME!) She's been "training" the last 2 managers now for several months (gee...

another turnover!) Now the "NEW" manager's taken away ALL weekend days-off,no sick days & no insurance! So much for taking her daughter to church @ least every-other-Sunday! This company is taking severe advantage of it's employees. You can bet your butt I wouldn't stand on a cement floor (they can't use mats, or even wear black atheletic shoes!) for 8-12 hrs.

a day @ minimum wages for some corporate "big-wig" to profit off my labor! They worked 3 wks. last summer in 100'+ degree heat w/NO A/C!

(Let's see how long the corporate "suits" could hold-out!) In my oppinion they should all stage a "walkout" & see how Fat the Cats are then! Forget SMARTSTYLES,just call it "Regis Sweat-Shops!!!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Manager.

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I worked for Regis for 2 years. I was in the hospital sick and was called and told that corporate my was closing my store no warning no nothing.

They tell you that they will transfer you but they don't so I AM STUCK!! WITH NOYHING!!!

Mt area supervisor will not even call me back. surprise surprise :(

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