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Is it true that a hairstylist that works for Regis cannot say that they want to work in a Chritian atmosphere? Can they say the word Christian in the salon? If no, I would like to know why.

The United States of America was founded by Christians, that is the back bone of our proud country. Christians are the foundation of our Great America. With out God, America will fall.

Christians are the people, that are clients of Regis. Maybe a very small per cent of Regis clients are not Christians. Don't let those none Christians rule. thank you

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We can say Christian.. we can say Scientologist.

But we just have better thigs to discuss, usually. Like, your hair, for example! We try to deture fanatics on any topic from disrupting the salons relaxing atmosphere. Salon is for styling.

The church is for preaching. My advice is to keep your opinions to yourself unless asked, and don't worry about what others are doing or thinking. Especially when it's beyond your control. You aren't going to change anyone in the salons, mind.

Stylists are artists, and wouln't be as creative and successful if we didn't educate ourselves and study all angels and posibilities of life.

For the record, Evolution is based on Fact. Not Faith. No, humans aren't monkey's.

Monkey's exhist as a separate Sub-order which is "Haplorrhini." Humans are "Homininae." the DNA code shows more of a pattern closer to the now extinct "Neanderthal." The research is actually very compelling and interesting. Maybe you should look it up in your free time.

It's quite fascinating! Knowledge is Power!


I will think of someone other than myself I will think of all you nonbelievers and pray for you. Godbless and please open your heart to the Lord you will never regret it. Do you really think your a monkey - I don't!


GOD is gonna put ou where the sun don't shine.


There are 3 things you never discuss with your clients: Sex, Religion, Politics. That's a hairdresser rule, and should be a rule in all salons.

Whether or not your stylist agreed with you is not important, it is unfair to expect a stranger to share your views. I am not a christian, and am offended by your post, I am pretty sure the majority of christians would also be mortified to be shone in such a way.

You sound like the crazy jesus guy with the megaphone on the street corner. Calm down and think of someone other than yourself for a moment.


I work for Regis for over 10 years and I have NEVER heard about this rule... I'm not sure it even exists... You will have to prove this one to me :grin


I agree 100% with you Readus! This world would be alot better off if the people would just stand up for it.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #148361

AND WHY SHOULD YOU RULE????????????? YOU CAN TAKE YOUR GOD AND PUT HIM WHERE THE SUN DONT SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :? :? :? :? :? :x :x :x :x :( :( :(

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