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The stylist talked me in to taking the special hair cut and condintioner , blow dry and a curling iron style . When icomplained to her she was only bending the ends of the hair not curling it .

She said the special was only for a light style not a regular style i would have to pay more for that . She cut my hair so short she couldnot curl it . my hair looks so bad i need a hair piece . This was to only be a trim .

this happened at the walmart store in sebastian, florida . She is the manager can you believe that.

I am a former hairdresser and cannot believe this gal could be a manager .

Product or Service Mentioned: Regis Salons Hairdresser.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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I'm very sorry to hear that you're visit with Regis hair salon wasnt great.Leaving feeling bad is not what Regis wants.Sadly that shop had poor managment and I'm sure sooneror later it will be taken care of.I work at one of the best Regis salons in SOCAL and we have the best team and awesome training from well masters..It break my heart that one bad seed can ruin it all for us.Most stylist biggest mistake is not communicating well..The price should be consulted before it even was told.And if it comes out to be higher, we still have to grant you the first price. Hey if you ever in SOCAL come rock hair buy us :)

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