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I started working for supercuts around 7/2010.. i came from another salon so getting the training i needed and the clientele was great.

HSA was a load of *** for me, I was suppose to retrain myself and just remember all the *** useless techniques supercuts wanted me to learn. The schedules were never really set, everyday it would be a totally different schedule from the day before. Well my boss finally hired another girl, cause 4 girls wasn't good enough at all. Well eventually got our schedule cut, and only the manager and the highest producing stylist would get the hours.

Fed up another stylist and I went into work asking for more hours. I got suspended for a week without proof or documentation. On voice recorder you can hear my boss say I got suspended for asking for a transfer. The main owners at the time didn't really do much, another stylist ended up getting transfer.

On Nov 8, 2010 Regis came in to change everything and I had found out we had been bought out by them. They told us that our base rate pay was $7.50, compare to what i was making $10.50. They said our pay was also based on a sliding commission. The first two weeks I wanted to prove myself so I busted my butt up servicing services.

I did $1200 in services, and the gross was about 48. Well excited that I was going to be making bank for my paycheck, I was wrong. I worked 47 hours in one week, 7 hours for overtime, I only got paid .41 minutes for overtime because the 7 hours wasn't overtime. Also my paycheck was only $312, I asked the regional director how come I was getting paid $7.50 when I did $1200 in services?

Her response was "we can only pay you so much." The harder I work, the less I get?? If I sit on my butt and do nothing, Ill still be getting paid like the girl who busts her butt to make a living.

Time over time I stopped caring, stopped up selling, basically gave up. 12/17/2010 I finally walked in, grabbed my things and left.

One of the best decisions I have done. I don't recommend quitting your job without another one, but when you walked on over and over, and start feeling like a slave it starts to take a emotional tow on you.

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