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Update by user Aug 02

My issue is far from resolved .Thanks Regis!!!

Update by user Aug 02

And of course this article only showed my hair from my other hairdresser. Blonde foils with dusty rose highlights. Not the ones I submitted of what was done to me

Original review posted by user Aug 02

I contacted Regis at the Fox Run Mall. I explained to them what I wanted and asked if they would have time to do it.

They said yes. I went in and ahead of time said I want *A Heavy Blonde Foil, and after would like to add some light pink highlights. I showed them the picture as seen above which had a dusty rose highlight put in it but after looking at Swatches I thought the pink quartz or a lil lighter if possible was what I wanted to go with. I emphasized so many times my hair is hard to lift to a blonde.

I have been going to the same hairdresser for 15 yrs but just moved here so I figured I would try somebody new. I repeatedly said I do not want it brassy or any red/orangey tones to it. Immediately they lstarted trying to sell me products for aftercare. I said I have products at home and if you think you are going to burn it or anticipate any problems I should probably go somewhere else.

This consultation was made with the mgr and the lady who was to do my hair.i mentioned to them that I believed my hairdresser calls it a double process but I wasn't sure. I'm not the licensed cosmetologist. So they consulted what they were gonna do and after the blonde would put on a toner before adding the colored highlights. Like I said I'm not a cosmetologist but I do know the brand n color of pink quartz that was supposed to be put on my hair is a toner.

Why would you double tone it before seeing the final results if necessary. They said it would be no and to come have a seat. I did. After 4 hrs of sitting there and seeing what was being done to my hair the hairdresser actually told me this could not be done without bleaching out n coloring my whole head blonde when I specifically asked for foils and it was agreed upon hrs before.

If you click on the pic of me sitting in her chair that was her result after hrs. My hair was still brown with blot he's Especially in the bangs of some ugly bright pink which was def not the color of the pink quartz Swatch I was shown n told they would be able to even make it a slight bit lighter. I was not happy at all. She asked if I liked it.

I thanked her for the time she put into it but did not like it at all. Not even a little bit. Not close to what we even discussed. She used some *** on my hair twice immediately..it was like a California or Hawaiian *** I forgot what she called it.

So after this whole process my hair was stripped twice. She offered to stay till close and do it all over again. As you can see my hair was not a heavy blonde foil by any means. I was humiliated because they kept talking about me in the break room behind me.

I finally said something. There were only a few girls working. They were all watching me and I was very unconfortable. If I had stayed and had her fix...or a dually do my hair like I asked orinally I was told by two other professional hair stylists n salons that I went to immediately after n explained what just happened n could they help me?

They said my hair would've probably all broken or possibly fallen off if I had let her do that right after like she offered. I was told to buy a couple of different things to try to repair my hair before anybody would touch it. Even JC Penney's Hair stylists in the mall would not touch it at all. They said they could start treatments to get it healthy n repair it and after a few visits try adding in a few highlights and continue from there.

So for the past month n HF I have been trying to repair my hair feeling horrible about it when I looked in the mirror. Trying to style it so the unevenness of the foils she did would be covered. It has been horrible. The worst experience I have ever had.

And I have been scared to try it again. My hair was so healthy when I went in and fragile, frizzy, brassy, n def not blonde when I left. It took 4 hrs to do n sit thru that for what? The girl said she was working at Hair Excitement the next day n I could come in and she would fix it?

She had already argued with me about having to bleach my whole head halfway through the process n I was not comfortable with her or going g back into the salon after BN talked about without having the decency to shut the break room door that was right behind me. I am posting this now because if you look at it, it is em arassing when it's dry but worse when it's wet. Look how dark sides are n how uneven of a job she did highlighting it. This is summer.

I wanted to be blonde. I didn't want to be so self conscious or unhappy about it. I even contacted my old hairdresser n had her talk to them. She said they were rude, had no consultation skills n she would like to call this manager.

I would never suggest this salon to anybody. Wtf Cry Shocked Angry

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