OK first of all.... you should know that most stylists in the nation really aren't " super" .

it doesn't matter which company or salon you go to, it matters about the STYLIST you go to. screw the "name" of the salon, it takes most people years and a lot of searching to find that one stylist the absolutely love, you know? it could be at a large corporation at regis( you just picked the wrong shop and/or stylist that worked there).

i understand your upset but what's the point of slandering the WHOLE company and all its employees?

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I agree with Shylore because a large company like Regis is able to hire and educate their stylists so as to keep their good name. A hair salon is only as good as it's stylists so "buyer beware".

If you are a "walk-in" you take a chance anywhere. Try a reputable salon in your area.


I am sorry about your hair. This story sounds horrible!

I can only imagine whar you went through, but i also agree that you shouldn't put down the WHOLE company. The woman might have had an "off-day".


I complain about the company, because I trusted them to employ stylist that at least know how to cut hair in the simplist of styles. I too am in this bussiness as a manicurist and I know what it is to build a customer base. And some companies should be expected to be above others in services.

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