Regis in Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem, NC is without a doubt the cheapest salon I have ever seen...not enough rollers, plus, they constantly leave you with wet hair while they answer the phone and check in customers!!My mothere went in early and it still took almost 5 hours for a perm!!

This is for an 84 year old lady with very thin hair!! Beware of this salon unless you just want to kill a day. I bet the original owners of this salon would be horrified at this type of service.

I just called and she is just now sitting under the dryer to have it styled..must have FINALLY finished the perm portion.Outrageous!!

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Wow, sounds like Regis employee to me.I bet she's just bitter a more reputable salon won't hire her.

*** Regis!:(


Just to piggy back on your comment.....I went in for a color job for a 3:30 appointment and did not walk out until after 8:00 (on a Sunday). The entire mall was closed. I had to walk through a dark mall by myself to the only exit I could get out of - then had to walk through a dark parking lot by myself.


these complainers are just a bunch of cheap ***!with nothing to do but to complain.... thats how they get attention


if you want cheap prices than you have to make sacrifices - you want receptionists who make 7 dollars plus an hour go to a high end salon...or they could just ignore the people at the desk and the phone calls...

oh but how would you be able to call and check on your mother lazy??? funny how its ok for you to call with something so menial when you could have just stayed with her .. but im sure the client THEY walked away from for your call didnt mind - i mean you had to go home to get on the computer and make this very important complaint right? you think they like having to juggle the desk and the phone and thier clients and the towels and everything else they do for the 50% they make??

plz ... try some understanding or pay higher prices but you have a choice no one is forcing you to go there so be nice to your mom and PLEASE take her to a high end salon and pay over 80 dollars for her perm ... so you can have your receptionist and just so you know ...

alot of chain salons with affordable prices are told by the owners that they are limited in their pay available for help ...they are a cost to the company not a profit because they bring no money in- sorry

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