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I am dis-satisfied with my service at this the Tyler Texas Regis salon.My reasons are;

Mind you.

It was my birthday gift (to myself)-When I called the salon to request a color, I was told to go ahead and come in to the salon to get it done. I get there and Gita is the stylist seemed very nice, very sweet however. When I asked her “Why did you go to hair school” (as I a lot of stylists because I have a passion for doing hair as well) Her response was “it’s a fast money”. Usually when a stylist responds it’s “because I LOVE doing hair”.

I SHOULD have just walked out right then and there, BUT I was confident in her doing my hair, as she is at a professional salon. I then felt like I was a burden because the two other girls that were in the salon were talking out loud “all these people keep walking in here all late and stuff” like It was my fault here were there (at their JOB). Also I notice a completely different stylist also had a customer coming back in because her hair also was highly dissatisfied with her color and needed a correction. While she was applying my color I noticed that the other hair dresser came over to see the process of my color, and she asked to see a picture of what I wanted.

She bluntly states “you know that you are not going to get that color right, like, you told her right that she was not going to be able to achieve this color!?” (Speaking to me and Gita) I said “No… No one said they couldn’t do it” (if so they should have said something instead of trying to make a quick dollar) and Gita said nothing and shrugged her shoulders.. That whole situation right there made me nervous. After she was finished, I could not necessarily see the color yet because my hair was still wet. As she was drying my hair her children were yelling out in the mall for her through the glass “Moooooom..

Mooooooom” and I just felt like she was rushing and didn’t even want her to cut my hair because I just felt some type pf way. Anyways. That night I went home and started crying after I was able to look a the complete picture. My hair was orangey, unevenly colored.

Just Ugly. I NEVER EVER EVER get my hair done or anything like that, and for this to happen  it was horrible. I went back up there to have the manager Ashley who fixed my hair. For the most part she seemed like she knew that she was doing.

It seemed like she cut my hair good. But as she was doing my hair another stylist was stating how some lady client was coming in here looking for her to get HER money back due to her also being dis satisfied and her and the stylist were just like :whatever”:. I get home that night, and take a closer look at my hair, and it is UNEVEN, Unevenly colored and the color bleed through, just a mess. I am just over this.

I would just look to please get my money back for the services rendered at this salon. I have requested this refund form the salon on a Corporate level. I have NOT received a call back after being PROMISED a call back after 24-48 hours form the District Manager. I called on Monday 10/17/2016 after having it done on my Birthday 10/15.

I am very upset.AND I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE ever again.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of orange hair and lacking professionalism. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of regis salons ombre hair coloring and associated monetary loss in the amount of $150. Regis Salons needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Yes the stylist attitude was *** but I can tell you this.Your base is pretty dark ( idk if it's box or natural so bare with me) it's will pull gold undertones.

If it's box it will take more than one sitting to achieve a light blonde. But that orange could have been toned to a more natural shade. If your hair is naturally dark she didn't let it lift enough and didn't tone it either. But that dark is most likely going to pull brassy but can be toned nicely..

shame.Wish I could help!

to Smh #1369039

I jumped the gun..I took a better look at the picks..

that is not a fresh color or cut. That is a kitchen beautician balayage with a *** ton of breakage.. then wanted a color correction. Your birthday doesn't have anything to do with the fact that you screwed your hair up and then expected a hairstylist to wave a magic wand and fix your mistake.

At our salon a color correction is SUPER EXPENSIVE. Birthday or not. Anyway you later decided after paying for the service that you couldn't really afford it so what do you do?? You complain to get a refund.

Girl stop.This happens all the time.


Those pictures were taken before other stylist fixed it. Stop slandering good stylist name. Because you wanted something for free.

Whitehouse, Texas, United States #1308284

If you need your hair done please contact me I am so sorry you went through this . Candusrockstarhair candus burkham on fb


I am a customer of Ashley's and she has been doing my hair for three years now.She does an amazing job every time.

She is always attentive to my needs and is very respectful to the guests and staff.Amazing stylist


WOW!I'm a guy with no training and I have dyed my hair way better than that (frosted tips and full blonde from dark brown) I have also cut my own hair (which takes a while) and I had much better lines and blending.

I would have called Homeland Security and had them sent to Gitmo, these people are hair-terrorists.

I feel for you, they should return your money plus at least $1k in pain and suffering, call a lawyer and start a blog using blogger and just write about the company, keep writing so it gets found in the search engines and then they will pay you to take it down, don't offer a quid pro quo or that will seem like blackmail.That and picket the place with a sign saying this is what they did to my hair.

to Anonymous #1329897

You are TOO funny!!! :D

Bowie, Maryland, United States #1256845

Wow.Just wow.

I'm a color specialist and salon owner. I am is disbelief they could actually let you walk out like this, let alone charge you. Very sorry you had to have such an awful experience. Clearly the stylist needs way more training, and the manager as well.

I worked for this company early in my career and remember having managers fresh from beauty school. They paid so poorly no seasoned stylist would take the position.

Wish you lived closer to Maryland because I would happily fix your color for free.Hope you at least got a refund :(

to Anonymous #1362002

Those pictures were taken before service was fixed . Not true pictures of Ashley's work

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