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i was told that to have my hair trimed and colored was only going to be 80 to 95 dollars. the stylist did not ask me if i wanted all the extra highlights just asumed it was ok and did it anyway.

when she was done and i went to pay the total was $220!!!! that was NOT what i was told when i said eactly what i wanted! i talked to the manager and nothing was done to fix the misunderstanding. it was all aroung very bad customer service and a very bad hair style!

i will not return.

Review about: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

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I was overcharged today during my first visit. My sister, and I had an appointment at the same time.

She was charged $35 for the haircut, and bought 3 hair care products for at home use, which cost her $53 total cost. We both showed our stylist the same exact photo clipped from a magazine of the style we wanted. Same hair style, and I did not buy any extra products. I was charged $46, which the actual price that I should have been charged is $35.

I was told by the stylist at the time of payment don't pay attention to the bottom of your receipt. I thought what is she talking about, and then after I had already paid by credit card I questioned her. She stated it was for using styling products on my hair. That should not have been an additional cost

of $10 especially when my sister had the same products used on her hair, and was not charged extra.

I was ripped off, and I'm was going to tip the stylist until I realized what she did. I actually wonder if since the other stylist didn't charge my sister if this particular stylist that cut my hair is ringing that $10 charge in to make it seem like I bought products to take home, which I did not then is she pocketing the $10 on each customer she has all day. The salon would probably not know the difference. Makes one wonder, and if so on top of her pay she told me she is paid commission plus $10 per consumer she is ripping off all day she is making a killing.

I had visited the Whitehall, PA Regis Salon in the Lehigh Valley Mall, and the stylists name was Kristy.

Consumer beware, and I want my $10 back. I know it doesn't sound like a lot of money, but it is my money, and like I had mentioned if this is infact what she is doing it is certainly adding up in her pocket quickly.

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