It was my first time to go to the Regis salon in the golden triangle mall in Denton Texas.. I usually get them threaded also inside this mall however, this day there was someone else there and not the usual person who does my eyebrows..

So I decided to go to Regis thinking it was good .. Well I asked the man at the counter if there was a wait he said "no" my next question was how much is eye brow waxing .. He did not answer he said follow me so I did thinking he was just the receptionist and then someone else would come but no he just started the wax and pressed to firmly on my eye I didn't care because I thought at least I would have nice clean eye brows .. But no sadly to say I looked in the mirror and saw half of my eyebrows waxed off and I still had hair below my eyebrow line and a mini Mohawk in between my eyebrow..

I told him I still had hair and my eyebrows were obviously missing.. Half of it was gone I had nicely shaped eyebrows I just needed a clean up..

Now I have to see how my eyebrows are going to grow back and I paid 20.. Well I hope this helps someone else..

Monetary Loss: $20.

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