I told Tessa my hair is to think at the ends. She said yes I will thin it out.

Ok well, she turned the chair around so I couldn't see myself in the mirror. RED FLAG for anyone out there! You need to watch to make sure they are doing as you ask. The whole time I never was put in front of a mirror.

So when the finish came my mouth dropped and I took a deep breath.. Oh it's short really short. I wanted to cry but what could I do? Can't put it back!

Then she parted my hair and used some product but put it on my scalp not my hair. When I got home, my head started itching then burning. So I rinsed it out with water. The next day I started getting a headache and head was burning and itchy all day.

I thought I'd better shampoo what I can out of my hair. I pray it won't all fall out. Never let someone put a product on you without seeing what it is first. I'm not a short hair type person.

I'm talking 1/2 inch back of my neck! So $50.00 later I feel I was screwed by someone who didn't give a ***! Like a surgeon going in to do one thing and decides awe why not just take this too.. I'm in control what can they do?

Not a nice person to do that.

Thanks Tessa Garcia thanks for taking my money and giving my scalp a rash and chopping my hair off. Thanks cindy

Review about: Regis Salons Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Visalia, California, United States #743077

Hi this is Cindy with the chopped hair who went in for to just be thinned. I did receive a phone call from the manager, she was real concerned and asked me to come in to get my money back.

I was so embarrassed to walk in the mall the way my hair looked. But he manager re-did my hair, looks much better, even though we can't put the hair back on to the length I stay with. But she was real sweet and caring. I'm thankful I went back in because now it is even.

She even saw how uneven the cut was and took a picture if it. The manager made me feel better about myself and gave me products to help promote my hair growth, and some products to use when blow drying. My hair is even all over and now.i just need to wait for it to grow back. I will go back to the Regis, but only if the manager is going to shape my cut as it grows.

Thank you so much for helping me! I was so depressed and feel like I can handle this till it grows out. I thought I was crazy when i felt my hair and said to myself this is not straight one side is longer and I still had bulk like a bowl cut. Besides the itchy head and burning from some product for two days.

But the manger of the Regis salon in Visalia Mall is very good at what she does and very caring. She put faith in what her shop and how her customers come first. Thank you for truly caring. Hair is a very important thing to us.

bless her helping me to looking a bit more Presentable. Cindy

to Cindy Lakewood, Ohio, United States #936287

The itching and burning isn't the hairdressers fault. It's an allergic reaction to whatever she put on you.

Usually taking Benadryl helps if you can take it.

I should know, I'm allergic to everything. Especially nowadays, I can't wear any products, and even shampoos bother me with itching and flaking.

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