i was in a salon in the northen part of ohio ,just vistin from another state and when i walked up to the salon i was turn off due to a young girl i seen in ther she had blue in her hair and she also had pericin in her face ,im sorry but when i seen that i walked away .i really dont think that look profecial at all ,i know where i come from the girls have never looked like that! what is the company tryin to bring in .regis salon smart styles in wal mart of ohio....


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1313790

Your lack English grammar is appalling.If you are going to bash a person with a professional license then you're an ignorant person.

I have empathy for you!You're what is wrong with this world.


It's the beauty industry. Color is art and were moving out of the dark ages... Get wid it sister


Whoah there, it sounds like the stylist was a little too 'trendy' for you, it's probably best that you walked away...wouldn't want you to look stylish, Grandma. BTW, your command of the english language is tenuous at best, in fact, your post is downright painful to read.


it's ok to look different and be who you are

Muskegon, Michigan, United States #870405

the color of her hair and her types of style shoud not be somehting you had an issue with!!!!Did she cut your hair how you wanted it Was she polite?

did she give you good service and treat you with respect.we all come in different styles and looks maybe the way you look would offend someone else be kind treat people right that is what matters!!!!


I think that if they would have colored it there hair that obvously they would have to know how to do it and i they have a piercing or piercings how would you know if it would have meant something special to them and would you want someone to walk away from you if you looked different in anyway


As a student, I can tell you that we are encouraged to stand out and express who we are.I am constantly praised every time I change my hair color (ALWAYS unnatural colors.) and get a new mohawk or other short style.

I was also encouraged to wear LEOPARD PRINT PANTS and if I want a tattoo or piercing, to go for it and get it done! Yes, a hair stylist needs to look put together. Looking put together means something different to every person.

If a hairstylist has a different hair style and can keep up with it and constantly make it look good, chances are, they can do your hair just as good, if not better.So before you judge a hairstylist based on appearance, learn something about the industry.


Get real lady!Creative expression is part of the hair industry.

P.S...Learn to spell.


So, this all being said, what would be the reaction if I, with my peircings and funky hair color, opted to refuse you service because I can see you have tattoos? Double standard from a half-wit :roll


You judge her appearence. I judge your spelling and grammar. Fair enough?

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