regis scalp salon ruined my hair while i was on vacation.went in for a small trim since the florida sun had dried out my ends.

a chinese girl who barely spoke english was escorted over to do me. i explained a small trim . she turned me away from the mirror, i should have had her turn me back around, and shore me down from 4 to5 inches of hair to barely 1.

i can't do anything with it, i canceled 2 job interviews and my dating is on hold until it grows out, which will be a year because it grows so slow.i am so upset all i do is cry when i try to fix it.

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but on the upside of it im cool my clients that know say the manager was rude,and could not cut hair andwas going to form a boycott for mastercuts in houma.la southland mall because she got rid of a stylistthat took her time and cared 8)


:cry i moved to la from arkansas and mastercuts hired me its a div of regis.the manager was jumped on physically by a stylist she terminated.and she was always talkin about the day to other clients(unprofessional)and the manager kept trouble going.so i put in for a transfer to regis the company took me off the schedule.told me to return with a la lic i did and they term me.all bc i wanted to work in a profesional environment :sigh :cry


I have learned the best thing to do is maybe watch the stylists for a while to c what and how they present themselves and thier work. You mayb also ask for the manager to get your cut because nbormally they are the ppl who have been doing hair for a while

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #56436


HAHAHA you're an idiotic crybaby.

Would you like some cheese with that whine? :grin

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